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Nymphaea 'Madame Wilfron Gonnere' - Waterlily 'Madame Wilfron Gonnere'

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Product Description
Double petals of rich pink fading to lighter pink towards the outer petals.
Product Properties
  • Water Depth 30cm - 90cm
  • Position Full Sun
  • Spread 75cm - 100cm
  • Flowers June - September
  • Flower Colour Pink
  • Foliage Deciduous
  • Hardiness Hardy
Product Care
Water lilies like still water, they also like to keep their pads dry, so are best positioned away from fountains and splashing water.

If adding water lilies to a Koi pond, ensure it is protected as Koi will eat these plants. When introducing a water lily to your pond ensure the pads remain on the water’s surface. The pot can then gradually be lowered as the pads grow outwards, making sure they remain on the surface. Planting depth is measured from the top of the crown to the water's surface.

Deadhead, removing yellow and brown leaves regularly throughout the growing season.